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A day of rest, sort of.

Okay, so today is my rest day from running. I spent it running errands for 2 hours this morning with both babies so that is a workout in itself. But I did manage to pick up a Christmas gift for me (my mom is buying it for me and it was on sale for 65% off today at Canadian Tire), hit the bank, and went to Walmart to pick up the Halloween candy and a few decorations.

I’m really excited to do the Halloween decorations this year. Usually I’m happy to do it, but this year I’m crazy excited. We’re going to do cobwebs on the inside of the door, a spooky man on the porch, caution tape in the yard, arms sticking out of the rock, tissue paper ghosts on the bush, and I’ve bought liquid fog for the night of, and my hubby has a fog machine. I have no idea why he does, but he had it when we met, and this year it will come in handy. We’re even thinking of putting a fake man in a chair, and then Steve may swap places with it after Lilly goes out trick or treating and scare the older kids who come to our house!

My lovely new shoes!

Lastly, to the left, you can see my lovely 2000km run reward! I love my new shoes but I need a day where I run outside for only 5k so I can try them out on a run. I figure my 10 and 15k runs are just too far to risk the shoes hurting my feet. Here’s hoping tomorrow or Thursday will be the day!

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