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Busy, busy sewing bee.

So today my running BFF came over and we had a wonderful 10.6k run while my darling husband stayed home with the two little ladies. It allowed him to cuddle our babies before he left on his business trip. After lunch he headed off to Boston, and my ladies went off for naps, or at least they should have. Lillian decided not to sleep. But we set up a lovely sweat shop in the basement and created some lovely baby sleep bags. They are adorable and brightly coloured. We have many more t-shirts that will still need to be cut up and sewed into sleepers and shall have another sewing date.

All 6 lovely baby sleepers.

So I have had a fabulous day, even though my hubby is off for a while. My running is going well this month. I really enjoyed my run today, and especially am excited that I have run over 130km so far this month. That leaves me with only 40km to go with 15 happening on Saturday for my race. Then I have 25 remaining to spread out over 4 days which is very doable. Tomorrow if all goes well, I will run on my treadmill and do what I can. Here’s hoping it’s at least 6 or 7km.

Now I have only 7 days remaining before my race. Wish me luck!

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