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October Summary

Wow where did October go? So the month went really well.

I managed to run a total of 160.14km or 5.16km each day of the month. This helped me to achieve my goal of beating last year’s time in my 15k hill run. I wanted to not only beat my time but complete the race in under 2 hours which I did! So that alone is a HUGE accomplishment for this month. I also have almost gotten back to my pre-baby running on the treadmill. Before my forever pace was 5.5mph and now it’s 5.2 so I’m almost there!

You can find more information on the Horror Hill run here, and there is a youtube video below.

On the weight loss front I managed to drop 4lbs this month. Considering a healthy loss is 1-2lbs a week and I’m a nursing mom so 2lbs isn’t good for the baby I’m thrilled with the results. I think 1lbs a week is a good goal until my daughter is eating more solids, around 8 or even 9 months. Then I can really push myself to drop more weight. For now I think this is just right. I’m feeling confident about myself, am improving my running but my baby is gaining weight and is healthy, active and growing well!

So let’s hope that next month goes as well as this one did.

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