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Shopping spree.

So I had quite the shopping spree yesterday and it mostly entailed running gear! I bought myself a nice reflective running jacket, a bunch of socks, a winter thermal shirt, two pairs of Saucony progrid guide 4 (one blue and one pink) and two tubes of Nuun. I bought the shoes because the guide 5 just came out so they were reduced from $145 to $90 so I could not pass that up. I even bought one that I handed to my husband when I got home and told him this would be my birthday present from him. He laughed and said sure.

 I love my new jacket, and winter shirt. It means I can run in the winter and won’t have to wear a cotton sweater and sweat pants this year. I also love that I can wear a blue reflective running jacket instead of my hideous vest my mother bought me, at least for the winter months. In the summer I’ll still have to wear the vest, but that’s okay.
Today, I had to do a little outside run to end my rest week because I start my training for my half-marathon in April 2012. Well since it’s been a while since I was running hill less outside, I thought I should give it my all and I did awesome! I ran 5.18km in 38:26 and while that’s a pretty slow 5k, it is the fastest outside 5k run since Katrina was born, and by quite a bit. My first 5k took 1:00:04 and my fastest other one was 5.08 in 43:22 I did an extra 100m and still ran 5 minutes faster. So I feel great about that. This week I start my tempo and speed work for my training. My running BFF is just going to assign me speeds and distances and I have to do them and report back. We’ll see how it goes, though I’m a bit nervous since I’ve never done tempos before and I know she’s going to push me. I love the idea of being coached and pushes, but it also makes me a little nervous. I’ll let you know how the first run goes!

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