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Wonderful last few days.

Our family at St.Louis after the baptism.

The party went amazing yesterday. The baptism was beautiful, and Katrina was very well behaved. She didn’t cry any more than the other babies being baptized and they all took turns so not very much crying at once. A lot of our family and friends were able to attend which made me really happy. A few faces that I expected were not there and that made me sad, but one was sick, one was trapped on an island (bad weather = boat can’t run) and the other I’m not sure since she said she was coming but didn’t show up. But overall it was a blast. I don’t remember too much of it because I kept having to nurse Katrina and get people things and locate things needed for other things but I know everyone had a blast!

Lillian with her party birthday cake.

In other news, Katrina and I went to the doctor this morning. She didn’t gain much since her last appointment. And by not much I mean she gained 3 oz in a month, which really is not a lot. So now I’m going to be adding cereal into her diet to try and help her increase her weight a bit. She’s still in the 50th percentile for weight and is following a similar weight path as Lillian did. So I know that she’s good, plus she’s very alert, playful and happy so I know she’s doing fantastic and am okay with that. As for me we are checking my iron and thyroid levels to make sure I’m good and hopefully I’ll be good to donate blood in January. I’ve never done it before but really want to so as long as my iron looks good I should be able to.

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