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Thinning Thursday.

Okay, so this morning I woke up tired and hoped on my scale but didn’t like what I saw because I stayed the same. I was cross and grumbled a bit and heard my peanut squeaking. So I went and grabbed my little one and fed her and afterwards realized that I always weigh myself AFTER I nurse the baby. So I handed her to daddy and went back to the scale and sure enough down 0.4lbs. Seriously! Nursing makes that much of a difference? That is CRAZY! Who would have thought that my kid sucks a half pound out of me every time she eats! So I feel great about that, and even if I’m bummed I only lost 0.4lbs I have to be honest with myself about a few things.

  • I snacked more on Wednesday evening this week than I normally do.  
  • I had cookies for lunch on Wednesday.
  • We had a big party on Sunday and I enjoyed it very much and really enjoyed the quiche my mommy made, and the cakes I baked. 
  • I found the Halloween candy again this week (why my toddler only wants to eat suckers and not chocolate is not good for my diet).
  • I also spent two weeks resting from running and am now back at it since Monday.

Steve on the other hand, did much better. He lost 1.8lbs which made me a bit cranky. He doesn’t work overly hard, he just going to the gym, does his weight training, I pack his lunch, I make his dinner, I set up his chart so he can count his points. So rather than being all ‘green eyed monster’ about his loss versus mine, I’m taking credit for it. That’s right, this week I allowed us to lose a total of 2.2lbs! Go me!

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