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Today is Wednesday. In my house that means Lillian has gymnastics. To the left you see the reaction you get if you try to put Lillian in a pair of tights that are not pink. Lovely eh? Well what gymnastics means to me, is that our schedule for the day is a bit tighter than most. We need to make sure Lillian is fed dinner no later than 5:30pm. Steve must be home no later than 6pm. That way at 6:15pm he can bundle her up and plop her in the car and take her to her class. It’s a parent and tot program so he goes in with her.

Today I will be going with her, which is complicated since we have Katrina. Steve’s grandmother had a fall and so he is at his father’s dealing with that, and I’m home with two kids. Lucky for me a good friend and coworker lives very close to us and has graciously agreed to take Katrina while we go to gymnastics. Thank you Di, you are amazing! But to add to the craziness, I realized this morning that my car (aka mommy car) has no gas in it, so the ladies and I finished up some Christmas shopping this morning and I filled up the tank. Now Lillian is passed out and Katrina is about to go down. That means I can do my run, and dinner will be easy tonight for my little monkey. I’m thinking meatballs, green beans and french fries. She likes dipping things right now so a little bit of ketchup on the side will make it very appealing to her.

I’m worried about Steve’s grandmother. She’s getting older, early to mid-eighties and lives alone. Granted it’s in an apartment, not a house, and she’s only a few minutes from Steve’s father (I’d guess less than 2km) but she keeps falling a lot lately. We are blessed that Steve has a job that allows him a personal day like today to go handle things like this, but I think it may be time to consider putting her in some sort of assisted living residence. She can do a lot on her own still, mostly everything, but I worry about how these falls are effecting her, or that she’ll take a really bad one and seriously hurt herself. But it isn’t my place to tell them what to do, since I’m family by marriage and not blood. I would not want someone telling me what to do with my Oma, so I told Steve my opinion and will now keep my mouth shut.

But any readers who are so inclined please keep her in your prayers.

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