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101 Things update

So lately I’ve been one busy, busy little bee and have done a lot of things on my list! I’ve started or finished 5 things so far!

#1 & #91- I borrowed, a classic novel Emma from my friend and am now enjoying it, little by little in the evenings when I have a bit of time. I still can’t believe that I have never read Emma before as I really enjoy Jane Austen but that’s okay. I’m also back to reading Lillian Charlotte’s Web. We’ll see how long it takes me to get through the whole book with her. I’m guessing Easter.

I also finished my second book of the 50 (non-classic) books I want to read. Part of me feels I just don’t read enough anymore, but with two little ones it is hard to find the time. But I’ve read the Time Travelers Wife and the 100 Mile Diet. Loved them!

#32- I filled out all my paperwork, paid my fee, took the photos, and mailed everything off. I even checked online to see that the paperwork has been received. I have officially applied for Canadian Citizenship. My babies and my husband are Canadian and soon I will be too. Now I have to worry about studying for the test and such, but after 25 years of living in Canada I figured it was about time.

#39- I have wanted to give blood for some time. I’m not sure how much need there is for B+ blood, but I figure every bit helps. I learned from my running BFF that you need a certain level of iron in your blood to be allowed to donate, and you have to wait 6 months after having a baby to donate, so my plans are to do it in January. But right now I’m starting by getting my iron and other hormone levels checked and will talk to him after the results get in to see if he’s okay with me donating blood at this time.

#56- Who would have thought that I would learn to LOVE brussel sprouts! I used to hate them but I tried them again now, and they were super yummy. I’ll be honest, I’ve only cooked them one way, with olive oil, salt and pepper in the oven, but I’m enjoying them a lot. I also have only been eating local, organically grown ones, so maybe that would have something to do with why I find them so good.

So that makes 11 things completed out of 101 which puts me over 10% of the way done. I’m also working on 23/101 which puts me at 23% working on with some good progress on them and I’m only 23.8% of the way through this so I’m well on my way!

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