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Merry Christmas – holiday summary part 1.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly did here. Our little girls were just spoiled silly, but I guess that’s part of grandparents and that is what I’ll be writing about tomorrow. Today we’re focusing on the food and activity of the days.

We had a lovely dinner with my in-laws on the 23rd. We just brought a PC blue menu lasagna, salad and multi-grain bread that I made garlic bread. It was very yummy, and we knew the points value which is always a plus. Additionally we’ve decided to do a monthly meal with my husband’s side of the family. I’m thinking third Sunday of the month since it hits father’s day which Steve likes to spend with his dad. We hope that they’ll come here 2/3 of the times since it’s easier to get them here than pack up our girls, but I’m okay as long as I get to cook. They are picky eaters but I have learned to cook with what they like, so they love to eat my food.

My mom and stepfather came to our house on the 24th for dinner and stayed until the 25th. We celebrated my step-father’s 60th birthday both days, since it was on the 25th. He got a dinner just for him on the 24th and breakfast on the 25th was made up of all his favourites.We had pork chops at dinner and four kinds of bacon at breakfast! I even made him two birthday cakes. I ate healthy at my own meals since I know the food and I made it all, I can make sure to eat appropriately. I even got to have a small slice of each birthday cake. The plan was to enjoy the food with my family and then go easy on the next day at the family’s big meal. Sadly it didn’t quite work out that way.

The afternoon of the 25th was the big family gathering of my husband’s, mother’s side of the family. We brought veggies and dip but we were the first people that, so we hung out in front of our veggies, and the cheese/cracker plate, and shrimp, and nuts and juice. I did eat more appetizers than I planned to but it was really yummy! For dinner I managed to control myself and only ate salad, turkey, beans and several homemade cheese and potato perogies with sour cream. I knew I would eat the perogies and I really enjoyed them. I hadn’t planned to eat dessert but there were coconut nanimo bars and I couldn’t resist. Everything tasted great and I was not stuffed so I think all in all that was okay.

Finally, on a positive note I did manage to get a great 12km outside run in on the 24th in the early afternoon. I had planned a 10k run so I went a little further and loved it. I aimed to keep the pace between 7:40 and 7:50 the whole run and the average pace was 7:45!! I only had 1km (other than warm up) that was over the pace goal (stupid HUGE hill) and two that were less than the pace goal (thank you downward side of stupid HUGE hill). I came home and felt like a million bucks, and on top of that I got to wear my awesome new winter running shirt. Sadly, the ice has shown up and that created a bit of a challenge as I jumped between ice patches and on and off the road.

One thought on “Merry Christmas – holiday summary part 1.

  1. Maria

    You probably are one of the few people who did not put on any weight over the Christmas period because of your running! good for you, you are an example to me.
    We took part in the Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving, I recon we should have a Christmast Trot on Christmas morning with the whole family, where you can walk or run and the music is great and you get a great T-Shirt.
    I really can’t look at food since boxing day and just want to eat salad and fruit from now on.
    My husband got a kindle Fire and I got a Tracfone SVC phone, a beautiful painting from my niece and some ceramic decorative plates with a french theme.
    Over the festive season we had a Hanaka dinner, went to the church to see my brother in law sing in the Church choir which sounded positively angelic and had a fabulous family reunion in Miami Beach, whith warm weather.
    Being with family makes my Christmas special and laughing and teasing and playing makes beautiful memories.
    May you all have a happy and prosperous new year

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