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Merry Christmas – holiday summary part 2.

Lillian loves her train.
Our set up for her new train.

I am proud to say that I held back on the crazy shopping I wanted to do for our daughters but with three sets of grandparents, and several great-grandparents they were crazy spoiled! The biggest hit for Lillian was her new train set from Grandpa (my father-in-law) that we told him to get her. At the Church babysitting room she always plays with the train and we thought she’d like one of her own! As you can see she’s already all over it. We put it all around in the basement since the original set up was a bit too tight for her small arms to reach in the middle.

My kitchen goodness!

I made out like a little bandit myself. I got some amazing cooking supplies from my mommy! I got a new cake decorating kit, a few packs of crazy cupcake wrappers, a new large frying pan (from Lagostina just like our pots), a wickedly awesome quality chef knife, and a lot of starbucks cards. I am one very happy little Alice. I can get a starbucks for free ever week for the REST of Winter.

Our awesome new collection.

I got the Sewing Bible. I’m very excited about it. I can’t wait to start reading it. Then between all of us, we got a LOT of DVDs. The girls got Alice in Wonderland, Sword in the Stone, Meet the Robinsons, Kung Fu Panda (1&2), Wizard of Oz, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and two multi-packs. Steve got the Red Dwarf series. I got Big Bang Theory (1&2), Glee (1&2), Eureka (1&2), Castle (1), and Dexter (1-5). We have been VERY spoiled but these should keep us all busy for quite some time. Steve and I love special features so we will have a lot of entertainment for a while. The girls are good too, since I wanted to start their Disney DVD collection and we really have now.

Lastly, I got a bit of money and used it to pick up a few things I wanted (such as a few of the DVD sets) but the biggie was the shoe Yak Tracks that will allow me to run on ice and not feel so nervous like I did on the 24th. I am all set to have some great runs this week!

My new grippies.

So now I’m just thankful that the holidays are over. We have a great time visiting family and it was nice to get to see everyone, but I’m very blessed to have Steve home until January 2nd so I am going to take advantage and get a lot of runs in, not to mention starting to potty train Lillian (no luck so far though) and enjoy a bit of quiet time at home with my family. I hope you all had a nice holiday too!

Santa Baby.

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