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Happy New Year!

Today marks the start of another year. Another chance to reinvent ourselves, to improve ourselves, to love ourselves. A lot of people make resolutions to improve themselves physically. They want to be a certain weight, or fit into a certain size but this year I’m going to be different. I will not resolve to weigh what I did pre-Katrina, or to fit into the pants I bought after I lost my Lillian pregnancy weight. Instead I will resolve to love my body as much as I did while I was pregnant (after all it was creating a miracle and who wouldn’t love that) and as much as I did after I got fit post Lillian.

Monkey LOVES the swing.

I need to focus on not looking at the numbers on the scale or my pants but rather enjoying my time with my daughters and feeling good about myself while knowing that I am working toward a healthier (both physically and mentally) me. I have to remember that my babies won’t be babies forever and to enjoy the time I have with them today. Not spending enough time with them is what I will end up regretting, not whether my scale says 160, 153 or 148. I don’t want to look back 10 years from now, and be super skinny, super sexy, and super fit, and wish I had played with my girls more.

Peanut’s first time on a swing.

There will always be time to get fitter, but my girls will not always be little. So my goal is to focus on loving them every single day, and with that work harder on managing my nasty temper, and not obsessing with the number on my scale.

What are your plans and dreams for 2012?

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