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Friday Favourites – boot camp

Jan. 5/2012 – Front

So I’ve done something pretty exciting. I’ve signed up for a women’s only boot camp. It’s called Booty Camp and I’m both freaking out and psyched about it. I’ve always wanted to do a boot camp, and have been planning this one for a while but making it fit into my running schedule and life wasn’t easy. I wanted to do the 8 week program, but it didn’t seem to start at a proper time. First it started before I was cleared to workout by my doctor, then it started in as my Horror Hill training started, and then just before my race. I can’t sign up for it just before a race since I have no idea how the boot camp will effect my running since it could exhaust my leg strength. So it arriving in January was PERFECT for my race schedule. I could train November and December without interference, January and February I can reduce my running if the boot camp makes me weak (it runs January 10 – March 1) and then I have March and April to pick up running before my half marathon.

Jan. 5/2012 – Side

My plans are to go to boot camp on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then do my speed and tempo workouts on Mondays when my legs are strongest. Wednesday and Friday will be easy run days and then I can do a long training run on the weekend, preferably on Saturday. So most likely my rest days will be Friday and/or Sunday. I know I should rest more than once a week but if I’m cross training at least I am not running 6 days a week, and honestly my boot camp will use very different muscles. The purpose of the boot camp is to help me strengthen my non-running muscles. I know my arms get a workout when I carry around my peanut and monkey but my core is very weak which can be expected after giving birth to two babies in two years.

Jan. 5/2012 -Back

So they start off with doing measurements of the participants and figuring out your body fat content and such. They also do it half way through and at the end again. I love the idea of dropping some serious inches and weight before my race. I know that after having Lillian I dropped a lot of weight and inches while I was running, but this time I have a feeling it’ll take more effort on my part. I’ve looked through the boot camp site and they provide you with a diet and such to follow after you sign up. I am undecided of whether I will use it or not since I already follow weight watchers and eat really healthy. So I am super excited about it, and will keep everyone updated of how it goes.

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