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February Summary

February has been a good month for me. Scratch that, it has been an AWESOME month for me!

I lost more weight this month than any other month since I started my journey in July. Thank you boot camp! I have to admit that is an amazing feeling. Being down 5.6lbs is a lot and in March we have 5 weigh ins so maybe it will be another good month! A girl can hope right.

I didn’t quite hit the distance I wanted to cover, but I did have a few exercise set backs because my hubby had to go away on business, was in a play, and my baby got an ear infection. I managed to run a total of 126.05km in 15 hours and 18 minutes. The breakdown is that I ran 4.5km a day or 31:39 each day. I managed to hit the 30 minutes a day of exercise this month, especially considering that I also did boot camp for 2 hours each week. I’m also really happy about my speed this month. I managed a 8.24km average this month. I have to say I wasn’t expecting it to be over 8 so that was a really pleasant surprise.

My goals for March are not too lofty, but I want to attend all 5 of my boot camps that I’ve signed up for. I want to run over 140km and I want to lose as much weight as I safely can. So here’s hoping that I can do it and I’ll let you know in another month!

Lillian reminds us to dig deep if we want March to be a success!

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