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Lots of cooking this week.

You’d think that with my husband away from Monday to Friday that I would be too tired to do much of anything but the opposite was true for me this week. Not the fact that I became exhausted, because I am and have been for a few days now, but rather the not doing much of anything. I was so busy this week cooking up a storm that it’s crazy. I made so much delicious food that my fridge is literally over flowing.

I made all of the following:

  • shrimp and asparagus salad with mango vinaigrette (Nourish cookbook)
  • lemon tart (Nourish cookbook)
  • homemade meatballs (combo of a skinny taste recipe and my own)
  • homemade pasta (to go with meatballs)
  • roast turkey dinner (with all the trimmings my own)
  • creamy mushroom soup (from skinny taste)
  • cream cheese french toast sandwich for Steve (from Nourish cookbook)
  • mixed bean with turkey (my own)
  • more salads than I can count (to go with the awesome vinaigrette)
  • plenty of lattes (every one a different flavour and milk combination)

So now thanks to my cooking I have days worth of soup, turkey, dessert and pasta to enjoy, and honestly I am! I like having such a great, healthy selection of good food available to me and my girls all day. It also helped to make meals run much smoother when everyone became hungry very suddenly and at the same time, which seems to happen a lot with my kids!

My hope now is that this food helps to get me through my first crazy running week, of the next two weeks. I wanted enough good food to keep me going and give me the energy I need to push out some amazing numbers this week and since there is no boot camp for the next two weeks I’m very hopeful.

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