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They can’t all be awesome.

So today was tempo run day and you know what? It was the WORST run of 2012. I am not even exaggerating in the slightest. It was AWFUL, but I finished it. I didn’t feel right when I started my warm up but even by mile 2 I still wasn’t feeling it, and honestly I didn’t hit my stride until mile 4! I had to pee a few times, I had to catch my breathe much more than I would have liked, and I felt like I spent more time than I should at the end of my treadmill. Sigh.

I honestly wish I could pretend it didn’t happen so I could run it over on Wednesday. I know that not all runs can be great, and I was honestly tempted to quit after the first two miles. I could have stopped, or slowed my pace and made it a different run, but instead I stuck it out and finished. I’m proud of the fact that I did it and didn’t give up. But the worst part? I’m having dinner with my running coach on Thursday night so I have to tell her all about my run and I am not looking forward to that!

So I know this one bad run will not ruin my training. It won’t stall my weight loss. It won’t throw my healthy lifestyle into chaos. And it doesn’t want to make me stop running. So I will call it a 10k run that was no fun to do, and maybe it’s time to buy myself some new music for my ipod and make a few new playlists. I haven’t gotten any new music in a long, long time. At least not any music that isn’t sung for toddlers.

So wish me luck on the rest of my runs this week. Hopefully we won’t have any repeats of tonight.

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