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The dark side of running.

Today I discovered the dark side of running. For me this involves two cute little cuddle monkeys who fall asleep or rest in the stroller and then arrive home alert, wide awake, and ready to go, which means mama doesn’t get to do anything that she needs to. But at least I’m healthy!

I love my runs, I really do. Today was a fabulous 14 degrees, with some clouds, but some serious winds. I mean 56km/hr wind gusts, which of course hit me straight on when I was running up the one hill on my little route, but I lived. I also feel like I did so much better today versus yesterday’s run speed wise. I also ran by feel today but my pace went from 8:25 down to 7:48 despite the crazy wind today, so that made me feel really good. After our run we went straight to the park so Lillian could have a blast playing in her spring jacket and not be bogged down by her winter gear. That kid is obsessed with her spring jacket! After that we went home to have a snack and I wanted to start cleaning, but the ladies had other ideas.

Lillian ready to head out right after lunch.

Today was one of those days where I literally did not stop from when I got up in the morning at 7-something to feed Katrina and make breakfast, until 9pm when I finished putting away our laundry. My girls made things a little difficult for me today. Lillian was dying to get out which I really liked and made the run idea easier, but she wanted to go to the park and needed a bit of bribing to not fuss in the stroller and wake her sister who passed out very soon into the run. But once we got back from the park Lillian did not want to leave me alone. Katrina started to fuss immediately after we got home, and Lillian was all over mommy to play with her despite the fact that we literally left everything from lunch to rush out and run. I wonder why she is all over me lately. Lillian gets solo mommy time while Katrina naps every morning, so it frustrates me when she keeps tugging on me trying to get me to leave what I’m doing all day long. I hoped she’d know that once the dishes are done mommy is all hers, but that the longer she lets me work the faster it gets done, but alas, she has not figured that out, and honestly she probably won’t.

Katrina getting into trouble, as always.

But I shouldn’t complain. I have two lovely, healthy girls, who will tolerate being in a jogging stroller for me and a week of gorgeous weather to run in. Tomorrow will be a rest day and then Friday and Saturday I’ll be back outside to get in some more kms.

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  1. Megs

    I don’t have kids, so I can’t talk from personal experience, but I think it’s fantastic that you can admit when things get frustrating. My best friend has one little guy and another on the way and I know she struggles with admitting that sometimes motherhood isn’t sunshine and rainbows, lol. Way to go on your progress btw!

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