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Weekend Fun.

So this weekend was a lot of fun. I went on a long run with my friend Cecilia on Saturday, followed by lunch, and shopping at fabric land. But more on the run on Tuesday. At Fabric land, I got a few patterns to try for very little. Then we hit the thrift store beside the store, and I got a bright pink sheet of good quality, and made Cecilia go back to fabric land to get thread to match it. This way I can experiment with my cheap fabric and maybe I’ll get to make a few cute dresses for my girlies! I’m pretty nervous about starting one, so tonight I finished my yoga mat case instead. It looks awesome. Steve said he thought it came from China, which I think is a compliment. Ironically I was inspired by a case my friend Cecilia made. Once we were almost done at Fabric land I called my hubby to get some information about something I had at home and needed a part for from Fabric land and he told me about how well things were going at home, so we decided to have a coffee before I headed home. Cecilia and I both enjoyed our first iced lattes of the season and strolled up and down the streets by her place. After I got home, I had to start dinner, and enjoyed some time with our girls in the back yard. The weather has been so amazing that we have been getting out as much as we can. I love the beautiful weather we’ve been having and the girls have been enjoying it, though I can’t seem to get Katrina to leave her hat on no matter what I do. Sigh.

On Sunday, we had a good morning and made our way to church, and Steve and I got our first Starbucks Frappiccunios of the season. Lucky for me they have a caramel option, since I still can’t have chocolate. For lunch we decided to try making pizza on the BBQ. We are having issues with our oven so this was a good alternative for our weekend pizza fix. Then I took the girls to the park so Steve could have some time to himself to program since he gave me so much alone time on Saturday. After we got back the baby went down for her afternoon nap and Lillian joined me in the front yard while I cleaned both our cars, on the outside and inside. Did I mention I’m loving this warm weather? So all and all we had a great weekend and I feel that I managed to accomplish quite a bit of stuff.  Now I can look forward to another busy week with lots of running and boot camp, and my husband has quit his job! He’s moving to a new company on April 9th and leaving his old one next Friday, so he’s excited and I’m proud of him but also excited that he’s getting a week off in between his two jobs to stay home with us! I have a lot of ideas of what we can do with that week.

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