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One Busy weekend.

Sorry I didn’t write sooner but it has been a crazy busy weekend for us here. We spent the entire Saturday in Hamilton visiting my in-laws and having dinner at our friends’ house. It was a lot of work to get the babies fed and loaded up in the car and were on our way ASAP, which means we didn’t leave until almost 11am, so once we got them the girls needed lunch immediately, but since I had packed everything before we left it was no problem and they were fed. After that we visited my husband’s grandmother for a while and then headed off to dinner.

We had a very busy day today too. We slept so-so thanks to two fussy girls who didn’t go to bed at their normal time and a little one who instead was up again and again all night. So this morning I let Steve sleep in and took them downstairs for breakfast. From there, we all ate while Daddy slept and after he woke up I got dressed and headed out for my long run. Steve handled lunch and then they napped and he did his thing, while I had coffee with a girlfriend. I came home in time for us all to enjoy a nice pizza dinner together. I couldn’t believe how much pizza Lillian ate! For someone who some days eats two bites and runs off, she ate a whole Lilly pizza. It was crazy. We had to actually make another one.

My run went really well. This was my last really long one before my half-marathon at the end of April. There will be others but they will be 15km or less. Though I must say I am really, really, really, looking forward to my rest week next week. More run details on Tuesday.


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