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I Sewed a Dress!

Okay I think my title says it all! I’ve been a very busy mommy for the past few days sewing my first dress from the patterns I bought while out with Cecilia. I took some cheap but soft fabric and did a practice run and look what I ended up with!

Lillian LOVES her new dress.

Lillian is crazy about her pretty little dress. She really likes the colour and kept twirling around and around and around while showing off her new dress to Daddy. I know that some parts were not perfect but I can work on those, and I have a bunch of other fabrics that I can use to keep practicing on until I get it right, and then I can move on to larger, more complicated projects.

Pretty in Pink!

So today I finished my 10k long run for the day, and it was great. I feel a bit weak in my legs, for which I blame boot camp. Tomorrow is a rest day and I am looking forward to it big time. I am hoping that I will have some more time to work on my sewing projects, but I also want to make sure we have healthy and delicious food to eat, and that we get lots of family time in too.

My first finished product.

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