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March Summary

Overall March has been a pretty good month for me both running and weight loss. It would have been better if it had ended a few days ago before that unfortunate weigh in, but I’m not going to let that stop me from bragging about my success!

So this month, I managed to drop a total of 4.2lbs despite my rough week last week. That makes me a pretty happy Alice, especially since my size 10 pants for work are fitting again. It feels super awesome to be able to wear my clothes and am looking forward to buying some new ones at the end of May before I go back to work. There are a lot of awesome clothes in my wardrobe but since I started in the Fall last time, I am in need of a few lovely summer pieces. I’m thinking some skirts, sleeveless tops, sassy flats and a saucy dress or two.

I also did some awesome distances this week. I rocked my goal of 150km and managed to run a total of 167.31 km this month. Averaged that means I actually ran 5.4 km each day! I did all that is 20 hours and 58 minutes, which also breaks down to 40:34 minutes of running every day of the month. I am a super awesome running lady! I even managed a speed of 7.97 km/hr too. It may be a drop in speed from last month, but a lot of these were outside runs (actually over 65% were). I love seeing my improvements.

April is a busy month, what with a trip to the zoo, Easter weekend, and my half-marathon at the end of the month, so my distance goals can’t be so lofty this month. I’m hoping that I can run a minimum of

I know that regardless of what the scale says I am one super fit, awesome, running mama!

Lillian wants you all to get ready to kick April’s butt.

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