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Good day.

So we are still busy enjoying our time as a family this week. We were very busy today. We headed to Canadian tire and got ourselves a baby trailer to attach to our random third bike so we can take the girls places. We also bought Lillian a helmet (which we have to take back since her Oma bought her one for Easter) but they didn’t have itty bitty ones for Katrina. We actually had to order it on line because apparently according to the guy at the bike store our baby has the smallest head he’s seen or tried to fit. But I can’t help that I have skinny babies.

My run today was not important for pace and such, so I ran with my husband and girls in the double stroller. We had a good time, though I could have done without the 40km/hr gusts. One funny thing is that when we started our jog, we got just under 1km and I spotted a little blue stripped sock on the ground. That sock, happens to belong to Katrina and she was wearing them yesterday during our walk. So I realized that she decided she didn’t like them, and so threw it out of the stroller yesterday. Well lucky that we went that route today so we could find it and bring it home with us.

I also, wanted to tell about my run in with a goose. I was running last week and I was having a great time, hitting my pace, and then I noticed a goose ahead. I looked ahead of me and this evil bird was hissing at me and then suddenly started charging me. So I shrieked like a girl and bolted the other direction. I even went so far as to cross the street and haven’t run on that side since. So now I’ve been attacked by a pheasant, a dog and now a goose. I certainly hope that no other animals attack me this year. Though I did get attacked by a ladder today (I lost and now have a big bump on my left shin), boo!

Our little future fashionista.

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