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Before and After – here we go again – 9 month update

I am in awe right now. I cannot believe that it’s already been 9 months since I started my weight loss and I am feeling pretty amazing about the journey so far. I have two beautiful girls who are growing every day and never fail to put a smile on my face, and yet I’m managing to find the needed me time to get myself healthy for them.

This quarter, I managed to drop more weight than any other since I started my journey. I’ve dropped 14 lbs and I am super happy about that. In total it leaves me with only 7 lbs to go until I hit my post Lillian weight. I had the goal to be in the 150’s when I wrote my 6 month summary, and I am actually halfway through the 150’s! So I’m feeling confident that I will be able to lose that last little bit by the time the 1 year mark of trying to lose weight rolls around.

I also managed to loss 10.5 inches and I am doing so well that I can’t stop smiling. My work clothes are starting to fit me again. Right now all the size 10 fit and a few of the size 8s are good too. I know that my boot camp really helped me to do so well this time around, and fit into as many of the clothes as I do. I’m hopeful that the start of my marathon training will give me the push I need in my final quarter. I want to get those final work clothes to fit so I can avoid buying too many things, though I am excited to get a few nice pieces, and a whole lot of new bras and underwear!

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