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Race tomorrow.

Oh my goodness! I have a little 5k race tomorrow. Exciting! I have no idea how it’s going to go regarding speed and such, but I will have a new race record since I was SOOO slow when I did my AHS fun run in September.

My little lady with her sweet hair cut.

I had a great day with my little ladies today. We ran a bunch of errands and picked up a whole bunch of stuff for our family dinner on Sunday. We’re having ham since Lillian requested ham yesterday. We’re also having salad, and corn on the cob too. I also baked a cake for the dinner and turned part of the batter into mini cakes or jumbo cupcakes, which we enjoyed for dessert today.

I have been doing pretty good the last few days in regards to adjusting to my new weight watchers points. Last week was so hard with two big meals out taking all my weeklies (sushi and pizza hut buffet) so this week I’m doing better since I spent the end of last week struggling to not go over my daily points. I’m hoping that a low food week will give me a nice loss next week and then I can go back to eating more weeklies and activity points, since I’ll be running a half-marathon.

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