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April Summary

So the month of April ended on a great note with my awesome half on the weekend.

I managed to run a total of 144.92km this month including my half-marathon. Considering that my goal was to run 120km this month I knocked this one out of the park! That breaks down to 4.83km each day. In total I ran 17 hours and 16 minutes, or 34:32 each day too. I am defiantly hitting my daily recommended activity to stay healthy. I read that adults need 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous activity and I am getting much more than that. That distance actually makes this month my second highest mileage since I had Katrina despite having to taper for my half-marathon. Go me!

Katrina is shoveling her food now from bowl to mouth.

For my weigh loss, I started this month out at 158lbs and have now worked my way down to 155lbs. That means I’ve managed to drop another 3lbs for a total of 36.5lbs. So even if that loss wasn’t as high as I would have liked it to be, and yes I am aware that I say that every month, (this is my third smallest loss, and my lowest in 2012).

So a few fun facts from daily mile about my running and weight loss since I started the whole journey after Lillian! So far I’ve …

  • completed 400 workouts
  • spent 403 hours and 1 minute working out
  • burned 1,436 donuts worth of calories
  • gone 7% of the way around the world
  • run 2,959km

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