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Birthday Party!

So today was the joint birthday party for my hubby and little baby! We had an amazing time! Lots of our friends and family showed up. There was a lot of good and delicious food, of which we all ate too much. And it was a great day for everyone! I spent the past week getting ready for the party and buying food and setting things up and decorating.

The best part of the meal was that I made the chocolate beer cake from skinny taste and it was AWESOME. My husband loved it, and for the girls I made mini-cakes out of jumbo cupcakes. Each baby cake was covered with a different primary colour icing. I spent so much work and time doing this party and so am glad it’s over but it was worth all the work. My babies are a bit worn out from all the excitement and I am utterly exhausted, but the smile on these little ladies’ faces so how great it was.

Family shot before the party started.

Lillian enjoying Katrina’s new toy.

Mmmmmm birthday cake!

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