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Marathon race!

So it is OFFICIAL! I have registered for the Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon! Look you can see my name on the registration page! They officially have my money, and my time goal, and my first name will appear on my race bib. I’m very excited about the whole thing!

There is a lot of time between now and when I will actually run this race but I am learning a lot and am preparing for the race. Here are all the things I’m managing to do and have gotten around to figuring out!

  • I’ve completed week 4 of my 22 week training plan (thank you Cecilia). 
  • I have been given my tempo and speed assignments for the next three weeks. 
  • I’m learning to get up and run early in the morning. 
  • I’ve adjusted my work schedule to accomodate my longer tempo runs on Tuesday mornings. 
  • I’m learning to allow more carbohydrates into my diet and eating more when I need to run.
  • I’m starting my fundraising for my marathon (might as well do some good in the world with my race too).
  • I’m working my long runs into longer territory than I’ve ever seen before!

 So with being back at work, and our sick kids last week things have been a little bit crazy but I’m adjusting to it, and planning a relaxing day at home with my girls today before my next busy week starts.

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