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Training Tuesday – Week 6 of 22

Week six of my training schedule has come to an end and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I ran 43km and I barely notice how much running I’m doing. I just take it one run at a time, and don’t notice how much it all adds up to. That’s very different than before where I always wanted to run further than my last week.

My speed run on Tuesday was really hard on me because of the heat that day. I was up with a baby and not sure whether it was worth it for me for try doing it in the morning. I was a 50/50 for not doing it but in the end I went out. I’m glad I did since I hit the goal pace I was supposed to, which is good, and proved to myself I could do it. I ended up feeling pretty gross that day because of the heat and my stupid allergies. My alarm didn’t go off so I started running later than I planned to so next week I need to work on getting out on time.

My easy runs went well. Thursday I just did a quick run and then ran off to work, but Sunday I had a great time doing a little run with Steve and Katrina in the stroller. He said I was going pretty fast up the hills so that made me feel really good.

Finally, my long run was a lot of fun this week. I ran to the conservation area and played around on the paths while I was in there. I had a lot of fun, but I did have two issues on this run. First around km 4 I noticed my pace had dropped to 6:40’s. I have serious tempo legs issues and seem to end up hitting tempo pace at some point during most runs. I don’t know if I should be proud of this or annoyed. It’s great to randomly find myself naturally hitting my tempo run speeds, but on a 20km run I should NOT be running 6:40 in the first 5k! The other issue is that the plague that I’m still hanging onto was causing me some breathing issues this week. I had a few times during the run that I actually had to stop and walk in order to manage to catch my breathe. It was pretty sucky that I was coughing up a lung for the whole second half. But hopefully the rest of this cold will be gone soon and I can finally get my normal lung capacity back.

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