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Wednesday Weigh In

So this was my first week of working solo on my fitness pal instead of using Weight Watchers. I just had enough of points and double tracking (while I was using both). So since I’ve gotten back down to the weight I was after I got skinny post Lillian I decided to let my body decide when I eat more or less food. This way my training won’t be affected by my desire for a certain food type over another. So the scale today, was the same as last week, and I am okay with that. Funny how being a healthy weight for your height does that to you! There is always next week to see the number go down a little again.

This week I have enough to deal with. Both my daughters are ill right now, and so I have to stay home with them tomorrow. Steve let me run tonight so I can avoid worrying about that tomorrow. Now wish me luck with my babies and that I don’t catch what they have!

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