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June Summary

So this month had both ups and downs. The ups were in the kms I ran and the downs were in my weight loss. Get it! đŸ™‚

I didn’t lose as much weight as I would have liked but considering that I hit the weight I got down to after Lillian was born I very proud of myself. I also hit my goal of wanting to hit the 140’s this month so I am going to take this as the success it is and not dwell on what I wish I’d done.

My running went very well this month though. I managed 167.23km which is 5.57km average a day! The total time was 21:40 or 43:20 minutes a day. How crazy is that?! I actually ran for 90% of a day. I ran only outside. But I did long runs, easy runs, stroller runs, tempo runs and speed runs.

So next month  my distance should increase a bit, and hopefully my weight will decrease a bit more too.

The girls want you to stop trapping yourself and go after what you want!

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