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End of a great weekend!

Me and my little girlie!

So after a fantastic Friday and Saturday, my Sunday was just as great! I got up at a bright and early 6:30am, made pancake batter, fed my family, packed up all the needed stuff for church and we took off at the perfect time. There was no stress, no rush, no fighting, and everyone was dressed appropriately. The baby sitting room is closed so we had the girls in the pew with us. We didn’t know that when we left but the books, few toys I had on hand, and mum mums got them through it without any crying or breakdowns! On the way home we stopped at Starbucks and grabbed lattes.

Shorts, shorts, shorts!
Lillian in her new outfit.

Once at home I took the girls to the basement to play and relax while I did some sewing. Lillian only wanted snacks for lunch and Katrina nibbled a bit too, but honestly they both ate so many mum mums during Mass, and huge pancakes at breakfast so I wasn’t worried. But I was very efficient in my time and managed to sew 5 pairs of shorts for my girls! I made really cutsie ones from my pretty fabrics. I made a funky stared one, yellow (to match their birthday dressed), crazy stripes, butterflies (on Lillian) and blue plaid (made from an old shirt of Steve’s). The girls really liked them and both are sleeping in them tonight.

 I managed to keep them happy in the basement for a long time, so daddy got a lot of time to work on his own programming today. I have to say that I’m working hard to get him some extra time to work on his own programming. He’s been doing very well with his own company as of late, and he’s got a few special features he wants to add before he moves on to the next project for the moment and I want to give him that time. It may mean that I lose some of my time to cover a bit more of the work load but it’s okay. I want him to be happy and be able to do what he wants for work and if he needs some extra time to get this project going then I am here for him.

So now I’ve got a clean house, sleeping babies, and my car is packed to take the girls to their new daycare tomorrow. I know they’ll love it, and I have a day off on my own to run some errands and get some stuff done. I had a wonderful weekend and feel so loved I can’t even tell you!

Having a great time with my itty bitty.

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