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Feeling run down – post run.

Okay I managed to get my butt out for my 24km run and it was HARD today. I took 3:18 to get the run done which is so much longer than normal. My pace was 8:15 which is much slower than my needed 7:07 for the marathon, but not too far off of my usual long run pace.

For those who know the KW area I ran from my house to RIM park and back home. It was pretty much exactly 24km which was nice, but the route was in the city, which means less shade. I did get to refill my water bottles so I was drinking enough, but disaster struck when I hit home. I called my husband and got him to make me a burger while I was running my final 3km so when I came in the door I drank water, nuun and wolfed my burger down. I felt good (other than cranky from hunger) but as I was getting ready to go upstairs for a shower, and suddenly I felt sick, off and saw spots. I kinda plopped down on the kitchen floor. I rested a bit and then felt better and headed upstairs where I again ended up on the bedroom floor. So Steve brought me a freezie wondering if I needed an influx of carbs ASAP.

So now I’m trying to sort out what has caused me to end up dizzy on the floor on my 22 and 24km runs. Anyone have any experience with food on runs and what could be causing this to creep up? Tomorrow is my dirty dash race, which I will only be running if I feel up to it. After today’s heat, so so feeling and a week of sleep exhaustion I may have to sit this one out.

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  1. Briana

    Did you eat enough during the run? I usually feel sick and dizzy if it is a hot day out and I haven’t had enough to eat and drink. I hate that feeling!

    I did a long ride today (about 45 miles) and I only had one energy bar… by the end, I couldn’t think straight and felt like I was going to pass out! Next time, I’ll take more calories with me!

    Hope you’re Dirty Dash went well, if you ended up running it!

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