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My Exciting News!

So as I mentioned before we have some exciting news in our family right now, and like I said last week, no I’m not pregnant. But the exciting news is that my husband has given his resignation from his job and is going to go into business for himself. Yes his new job that he just started at in April.¬† I have to request that anyone who reads my blog and knows my father-in-law NOT tell him. When Steve left RIM in March his father was very stressed and concerned about the whole situation for a long time, so we decided not to tell him when Steve eventually¬† moved on again.

I mean the man brought a laptop to the hospital when Lillian was born.

So that is our exciting news! We crunched some numbers and while our lifestyle will change a bit from us going down to my income and the variability in what he earns I think it’s well worth the risk! Our girls are at the age where it isn’t a bit deal if we don’t do all the activities all the time, and they don’t ask for things other than fruit. Add that to me having a safe job, steady income with good benefits,¬† and us having paid off half our mortgage in the six years we’ve been living here, I think we’re in good shape to tolerate a little risk. I’m not even really nervous about it, and I’m the big worry wort!

I’m excited for my husband to make this change, since he’s already spending so much time at night programming for himself. Our plan to start him off is have us get up with the girls in the morning, take them to daycare together, then he’ll head to the campus library to work while I go to my office, and at the end of the day we’ll head home together and get the babies. This way all his time at home is quality family time! I know he’ll do an amazing job, but I think he may have a bit of a hard time finding another partner or two to join him, since not everyone saves and plans as well as we do!

Now here are the little ladies that are inspiring my husband to do his best everyday!

Patty cake for the ladies!

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  1. Megs

    HI Alice…my bf also does freelance (has his own company in addition to working full time), and he gets a lot of work from (he’s IT as well. I’m not 100% what he does, but I know he builds a lot of things and does programming as well).

    He does fairly well for himself, so I thought I’d mention that’s one of the places he gets clients. If I think of any more I’ll pass them along.

    Good luck!

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