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Training Tuesday – Week 11 of 22

So I have officially finished half of my training! Holy crap. I’m going to be running a marathon in 11 weeks, and you know what? I’m going to be AWESOME!

My tempo run went fine. It wasn’t super fast, and actually was the slowest tempo run that I’m done so far but I am happy with it. I was very tired that morning, and managed to get to that little side street that was 0.8km to the end and back and managed to run 12 laps of it, and since it is really flat it should have been a good run, but I kept falling behind a bit and struggled to catch up. That’s already there is next week, or actually two weeks.

My long run this week was amazing! I managed to eat enough food, the weather was perfect, and I got to sleep in before running! I so rocked this run it’s crazy. My goal pace was supposed to be 7:40 – 8:10 and I ran a 7:34 with a moving pace of 7:27 so that is fantastic. I have a feeling that my coach will be increasing my tempo and speed runs pretty soon after seeing these awesome numbers.
7km = 53:37 (7:39) – 14km = 54:45 (7:49) – 21km = 53:16 (7:36) – 28km = 50:14 (7:10)

The easy runs were pretty good this week. Thursday’s run was fun and easy and I did it at night because my husband had an early morning meeting and I needed to take the girls into daycare. However, the Sunday easy run was pretty hard. I pushed myself on Saturday for my long run, which is awesome, but meant that my short little recovery run, was HARD on Sunday. I had to really push myself just to get a 7-something pace. For the first half my legs felt as if they were made of lead and that my shoes were full of cement.

Needless to say I a looking forward to my rest week next week.

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