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July Summary

So this month will be a little bit shorter of a post. Why you might ask, well because I really only have running to talk about! I did manage to lose 0.2lbs which is great considering my main objective was to stay the same and not gain during my marathon training journey.

For running I pushed out 181.91km in July! While that isn’t my highest month, or even in the top 5, it is the most I’ve done since having Katrina, so that is amazing for me. If you break that down on a daily basis, that comes out to 5.87km or 45:17 each and every day. In total that is 23 hours and 24 minutes, which is almost an ENTIRE day of running! Wowza! I am feeling amazing lately with my running, though I do have to admit I’m a little drained and tired these last few days. I’m learning to enjoy my rest days and weeks more than ever before!

I have some fun facts from my daily mile and records! So far this year I’ve run 1015.52km! That’s further than Vancouver to Calgary and almost as far as Montreal to Prince Edward Island! I’ve also ran 9% of the way around the world, have burned 1596 donuts, and burned 84 lbs worth of calories, all since I started using daily mile after having Lillian!

Katrina says I’ll have to really focus to hit my August goals.

My goal for August is to break the 200km mark. This should be easy to accomplish since I have 3 full weeks of normal training and 2 partial weeks of rest running. I’m excited to see if I make it!

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