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Still feeling tired.

I’ve had a busy week and honestly I’m still feeling it! I had a rest week this week and I’m glad that I did because if I hadn’t I would have been so exhausted this week I don’t know if I would have made it. I took two days off this week to get a few things done around the house while Lillian was with my mother for a week. I managed to get my runs and cross training in. I also managed to seal our granite counter, re-caulked the bathroom sinks, and fixed the grout on our main floor. It’s been over a year since the grout needed to be repaired so I’m very glad we managed to get it finished. But honestly, scrubbing the old grout out was a LOT of hard work. I actually broke more of a sweat than I do running an easy 5k so that tells you how much work it is. My legs felt like lead all week, even on days that I wasn’t running. I very much didn’t want to run or do cross training on Tuesday and Wednesday but I sucked it up and did it. But my pace this week was very slow and I’m okay with that. Some weeks it’s just about getting the runs done, and not about how hard or fast you go.

Mmmmm whole wheat focaccia!
Mmmmm white flour focaccia!

On a positive note I had a great time running on Saturday with my coach and her friend Laura. We did the route partially together, and afterwards made waffles and played with Katrina. Steve needed to pick up Lillian from my mother, and so I took Katrina post run so he could drive solo. That evening I was attending my coach’s Olympic party, and offered to bring something! She told me they still needed a baguette for the hummus, which I was happy to provide. But rather than buying a baguette, I decided to do one of the things of on my 101 things list, and make some bread from scratch. I googled some Focaccia recipes, and after Katrina fell asleep (which was right when we got home) made up to two different batches, from different sites and used different flour and had two awesome batches of focaccia to bring to the party. I also learned how easy it can be to make focaccia and will be making it a lot more often! If you’re interested this is the one I liked the best and I used mostly wheat flour in it too (

I had a great time at the Olympic party on Saturday night and it was so great to get out and have adult conversation with a bunch of other professional woman and just get out of the house for a bit. I forgot how great that felt! I’m very thankful Steve encouraged me to leave early and let him take care of the babies! Everyone was in one piece when I got home, and fast asleep so I should do this more often. Now I need to find things to do at night, which is harder than you’d think considering I’m either getting up at the crack of dawn to run and am then tired at night, or have to get up the next morning and so need to go to bed early. Either way I’m usually exhausted by 9pm!

So now I’m feeling a bit more relaxed after my low running week and a few days of eating extra, yummy food and fun with my family and friends. Hopefully I won’t find my energy getting zapped too quickly into the next three week running range!

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