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Spoiling myself!

For me? I shouldn’t have! Oh wait, I TOTALLY deserve it!

Some days you just have to spoil yourself, and today I had one of those days! I rushed home and prepared dinner for the girls, and while the fish cooked I let Steve take over and headed out to our local running store to pick up some much needed fuel and gear. I spoiled myself today with a new pair of running shoes. I love me some Saucony and I swear by the Progrid Guides. These are the only shoes I’ve ever run in since I go by the if it’s not broken not fix it rule of life! So my 3 pairs of Guide 4s have a hole in 5 of the 6 individual shoes and the pink ones are pushing 700km so no longer work for long runs so well but are okay for less than 15km. The green ones are not as far but are a half size smaller than the other two so when I hit a certain distance start to feel really tight and need to be swapped for the larger ones. The blue ones, have the least km on them, but were the only ones I wore during horror hill training and the hills did something to the left shoe because I get calf pain whenever I wear them so they are retired to around town sneakers now. That means I have no long distance shoes, and so hello new Guide 5s! Welcome to the team! You will now be worn for long runs after I break you in! The plan is to wear 3 shoes for Saturday’s run, since I have 3 sizes. I’ll start with the smallest ones (green), move up to the pink and after the distance they are good for move up to the new ones for the last 10k. That way I keep getting more room for my feet.

In addition to these lovely shoes, I picked up a new pair of running socks. I figured anti-blister socks are never a bad thing and I had a 20% off coupon. I also picked up my new running bra. I love my Moving comfort Fiona and what is crazy is that pre-Katrina I needed a 36DD and now post-Katrina I’m a 32DD. So apparently my rib cage shrank 4 inches (or more likely I lost 4 inches of yucky back fat). I am excited for the fun colour though! Then I stocked up on BLOCKS of which I bought 7 packages (crazy – though I can eat 1 every long run and since I’m breaking 30km that could easily become 2). I also got a few gels. I’m really not a fan but I think I should keep them on hand for when I run out of my cookies or just need something easier to swallow without chewing. Finally, instead of stocking up on running jelly beans and such I just went out and bought candy. My running mama gurus over at run like a mother (seriously Sarah and Dimity you ROCK), had a podcast about running fuel and they said simple sugar and carbs is what you need and that includes candy! My running coach agreed so I got to spend like $15 on running candy. Seriously, who gets to spend $15 on over a pound of candy when it isn’t Halloween! I love being a runner! Now I just need to figure out how to keep my husband and kids from eating my running candy before I need it on Saturday!

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