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Loving my fresh veggies!

┬áIt’s been a fantastic summer for my vegetable garden! I’ve gotten loads of peas and raspberries, more lettuce than we could possibly eat, carrots, beans, and now is the season of cucumber and zucchini. Good thing I found that zucchini pie recipe that I love, because I have got two or three of them growing right now.

Lillian has been obsessed with the garden’s carrots. She keeps insisting we pick them, wash them and then she eats them. She would eat 10 a day if I let her. The problem for me is that the baby cucumbers are located directly in front of the carrots so I have to keep her from crushing all the babies while she goes to pick her carrots.

The other exciting thing for me is that since my coach is away for a bit visiting her mom, we get her share of the community share agriculture that we’re both a part of, so we are going to be ROLLING in the veggies the next few weeks. My plan is to chop them up and freeze them ready to go into my bean soup when I’m too busy to cook.

I’ve learned a lot about our vegetable garden this summer, such as where to plant our pumpkin plants next year, to avoid planting short things near the peach tree (because the leaves block all the sunlight there) and so we’ll try corn there next year. I also know we only need 1 area of lettuce, the carrots and radishes need separating and the peas did great! So I am already dreaming and planning my garden for next year.

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