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Weekend fun.

The Hanov men.

We had a wonderful day today with my husband, daughters, and in-laws. My father-in-law turns 63 on Tuesday so we had a wonderful day visiting with them. We started out our day with some tidying of the house, had a 5k run and then headed to Costco to get a few things before lunch with the family at the Mandarin. After that we headed home for birthday cake (I baked rum cake which is my father-in-laws favourite) and a nice visit.

Lillian helping blow out the candles.

My husband had a good time visiting with his family and they got to see the girls, and they got to bond some more with the Hanovs. I love how Lillian knows that Grandpa, Lala (great-grandma) and uncle Brian all come as a package because they live in Hamilton. But after the cake and fun, both our girls went to be nicely and made some memories that we’ll have for a long time.

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Girls eating an elephant ear.

And on Saturday we went to the buskers festival in Waterloo. It was a blast. I didn’t know if I wanted to go after feeling like a failure after my run and being super tired, but Steve and I agreed that my runs cannot control our entire family life and I need to make an effort to get out more after these runs so off to the buskers we went for almost 3 whole hours! And oh what memories we made!

Mommy and Katrina wait with Daddy and Lillian

The girls enjoyed their first elephant ear! Daddy enjoyed a deep fried Mars bar. Apparently you are only allowed to get 6 items from the overly deep fried cart. When Steve went to get his Mars bar he was questioned about whether he had gotten anything else and what exactly he’d bought. Lucky for him his original server was still there and could tell them he only got a plain elephant ear so they gave him his order, but it makes you think. How bad is that food if you are limited to how much you can buy?! And we all ate the elephant ear he bought at the start!

Daddy and Lillian on the Ferris wheel. She loved it.

We also had some fun on the rides. Lillian rode the fire truck and train rides by herself but she really wanted to go on the ferris wheel so we let her since Steve was fine going with her, and she loved it. The fire truck ride was her first and she was a bit upset half way through it, but she stuck it out and then had a great time! So after some food, lemonade, a few rides and entertainment this whole family was tuckered out and headed home.

All in all, I think we had a pretty great weekend and I am really looking forward to my rest week next week!

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