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Healthy Food is my priority.

I feel lately that I am eating too much sugar, but it’s my running fuel so I can’t really cut it out. I can reduce it and so am drinking less coffee since that is a place I put a lot of sugar. Mmmm coffee. Other than that I’m working really hard to cut out some of the sugary foods I’m craving (thanks to eating all the sugar on my runs I have been) and replace it with good wholesome food and it’s been going well.

I’ve had some awesome skinnytaste meals lately, such as the crustless zucchini pie, pulled pork, and cabbage roll casserole! I’ve also been using my CSA veggies to really get some delicious meals out and into my girls such as zucchini/eggplant/squash parmesan which Lillian picked the cheese off of and then ate all the zucchini! We’ve also been working on getting my picky eating toddler to try some new foods. The zucchini took a LONG time to get her to try it, and after she did she loved it so much that she ate all the zucchini in the pan. Both my girls are getting better at trying new things (I think removing the cookies from the cupboard helped) and are getting very excited when the CSA veggies arrive!

Katrina dives right into the veggie bag …
and samples the goodies.
Then Lillian joins her.
And before you know it, half my beans were bit in half! Silly girlies!

I love that I can leave my veggies on the floor, in a bag, and that my girls will not only find them but will try to eat them! I love my little peanuts!

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