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Training Tuesday – Week 18 of 22

This week was a pretty awesome week for running.

So my easy runs went well this week. On Sunday I had heavy legs, so the run was hard and took a lot of work to get through it. On Thursday I made the call to run a shorter distance to get home instead of going the full 9km. I am glad I made that call since I managed to run well on Saturday.

My speed run went really well on Tuesday. I rocked the full distance and went really fast. I managed to run faster than expected so it was a complete success. This was my last speed run before the marathon.

Finally my long run was amazing. I ran 12k to get to Cecillia’s house and then we took a little adventure of two 8km loops. We had so much fun running that the time just FLEW by and it didn’t hurt so much as when I run alone. So now I have one more monstrous run to handle before the taper comes

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