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Counting down the days!

So as of today I’m down to 23 days until my race! Wowza! I’m getting really excited about the whole thing now. I’m waiting until the weather network can try to predict the weather that day to start obsessing about what to wear. I’m sure my coach will have some great feedback for me on that one. I’ve gotten my thank you gift for the great lady who is letting us crash at her place so my coach and I don’t have to get a hotel (frankly if you’re friends with my coach I think it’s just part of life with her friends) and she’ll be feeding us dinner the night before. I can’t thank her enough for this since I get the pre-race nerves and having my food figured out is a HUGE help, but I have a feeling that a Starbucks gift card and espresso beans will help! I know that would make me feel VERY appreciated (are you listening dear?).

Girls strolling around the deck and yard.

Tomorrow is my next long run and my final long run before my marathon. My next longest run is 16km before the race. On a random side note did you know I’ve eaten almost a whole jar of almond butter? Usually it takes like a year to finish a jar of nut butter. How crazy and unreal is that? Apparently eating toast every Friday night with almond butter puts a lot of it into my tummy and makes the jar run low very quickly.

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