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Steve showing off our home made finger paint!

This weekend was a CRAZY good time with my ladies! We took them out in the stroller on our runs, went to the park, Steve took them to the store, we made them homemade finger paint, let them finger paint a storm on the deck, made them pizza and baked an apple pie (which Lillian called wood chips and then later icky while asking for more)!

We had a marvelous time though we were running around all over the place and I was never sitting still for long. Steve was running errands and I was running around the house. Between all of this family stuff I still managed to pull off my Saturday morning 32km run. I managed to get through the long run and not hit a horrible dark place like last time. I pushed myself to do more and my legs didn’t even hurt as much after this run as they did last time.

Showing her little sister how to paint right!

┬áLike I said we were one very busy family. But I love our weekends spent at home where we are doing loads of amazing family stuff and my girls are making the memories that they’ll have for a lifetime.

And off she goes!

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