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Wonderful Hubby!

I have to brag about my hubby today. He is a wonderful man. He’s understanding, compassionate, loving, selfless husband and an amazing father!

He saved my run on Saturday. I found mold growing on the inside of my water bottle belt lids. That was horrifying. I know we’ve been watching them but the last time I used them it tasted funky and now I know why. I was so upset and didn’t know what to do. I knew I could run close to home and just keep getting water at the house, but on a 32km run it could have been disastrous. Steve was my hero and packed the girls up, drove off to Running Room and came home with new lids for the bottles. He then filled them for me and when I ran back by the house I snatched them and headed out. I don’t like running without my water belt. It’s kinda like my safety blanket. So the fact that he handled the situation and saved my run was a huge deal to me. He really put my needs before his own and I love him for it.

He is also a phenomenal father. He has spent these past 19 weeks of my training handling our daughters on Saturday which I run all on his own, and then taking extra care of them while I recover and is just being an all around awesome dad. He’s been doing park runs with them, library visits, mall trips, shopping excursions, and they are just loving it. Their daddy-daughter days are going so well and I love seeing them spending this wonderful time together.

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