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Learning to live with the title.

I always tell people that they are not joggers but runners. I have no problem naming myself as a runner, but what I always like to add to that is “beginner”. Well, I did some math while running today and I have been running for 24 months (and that doesn’t count the time I took off while pregnant with Katrina). I also think that finishing up week 20 of 22 of marathon training kinda pushes me beyond the beginner level into runner.

Holy cow! I can’t believe that I am actually a runner. I know that many people are inspired by my runs, and can’t understand how I manage to get everything done both in a day and in the week, but somehow I do. I’m a bit nervous for the next couple of days since Steve is on a business trip and I will be a solo mommy for those days. I also need to run on Tuesday and Thursday and he comes home Thursday night so getting those runs in makes me a little nervous. I will most likely have to run at the crack of dawn (though Katrina is getting up at 5:30am lately so I may not be able to do that) or late at night. The night one makes me a little sad since that’s the only quiet, me time I’ll have all week. I guess I could try a post work stroller run. Guess that’s what makes the difference between this me and the old me is that I will make sure I get my runs in even if it’s hard for me to do.

So here is my list of why I am a runner!

  • I will get up stupidly early to get it done.
  • I will run when I’m sick.
  • I will run when it’s sticky, muggy hot out.
  • I will run when it’s cold, windy, raining or hailing.
  • I have destroyed 4 pairs of running shoes.
  • I currently am running in 4 pairs of shoes.
  • I have more space for running clothes than any other type of clothes.
  • I spend more allowance money on running stuff than anything else.
  • I love to run!

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