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I have pinkeye and have had a few horrible days. I feel like a failure as a mother because I yelled and my baby cried. I broke the dish rack, a coffee cup, a wine glass, and the laundry basket (no idea how that one actually happened). I am tired. I’m sick. And my kids were horrible today despite me making every attempt to make it a fun day. I played with them, I cuddled Katrina before nap time and in the evening, I made fish for lunch, I baked homemade cookies, we played in the muddy garden (it rained this morning), they had an extra bubbly bubble bath, and yet they were just not happen. I couldn’t keep my two kids happy for 5 days without their dad. What one earth makes me think I can possibly handle a 3rd? I got my first run in on Monday night but the very idea of going running today or tomorrow makes me want to hurl. I just want to curl up into a ball and cry.

See people, I’m not made of stone, or other hard substance. I’m weak, and I’m human. Now here are some pictures of the girls because my time is up as my dishwasher won’t empty itself.

Rejecting pizza for zucchini with tomato sauce.

Pretty in purple.

Animal fun time (aka not hanging on mommy for 30 seconds)!

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