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The Countdown counts on.

Right now I have 7 days and 12 hours before my marathon!

I am so excited and a bit nervous because I really want to be over the pinkeye and cold that I have been given from my girls. I know I will get through this marathon in one piece but I’m nervous for my time goal. On another happy note I get to leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday and run like hell away from my family for a two days! I love my husband, and I love my daughters, and I love our little family but those 6 days of being alone with them with the pinkeye, and the cold, and missing work was so stressful for me. I am going to enjoy my Saturday and Sunday with my coach and her girlfriend who I think it pretty cool. We’re having a pasta dinner on Saturday, breakfast Sunday, the race starts at 8:30 which is pretty early for what time I start running but that’s fine and I’ll adjust.

I went to the running room yesterday and picked up a little pocket to attach to my water belt so that I can store all my extra running fuel in. I’ve also being trying to figure out what all I need to pack on Saturday and I think I have it all figured out. So now I just have to wait out the next week and then I will be a marathon runner! OMG!!!

 I wanted to go as a marathoner for Halloween but was told I couldn’t since it technically wouldn’t be a costume. Boo-erns on those people! But I guess I’ll just have to go as something else and be proud of myself.

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