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Things I am thankful for.

Since it’s Thanksgiving weekend I figured I should blog about what I am thankful for. So here are the top three things that I am thankful for!

1. My little ladies!
I love my two little monkeys despite their crazy shenanigans that have come up as of late. Every day I remind myself that I am truly blessed to have these beautiful, healthy, happy little babies in my life. Last week I was very stressed out by my six days of solo parenting of them, but every night while they were sleeping peacefully I would stare at them for a while and just watch them. I gave them each a little kiss and headed off to bed. They are the part of me, that no one can ever take away from me!

2. My wonderful husband!
Yes the man drives me bonkers sometimes. Yes the man makes a huge mess in my house sometimes. Yes he does damage to our cars. Yes he forgets to thank me and makes me feel bad sometimes. But he is the man who gave me these two wonderful babies and he loves me even when I’m post-run sweaty and stinky and so hungry that I get snarky. He comforts me when I cry,  holds me when I’m scared, encourages my dreams, and is an amazing father to our daughters. We have our differences at times but he is a good hearted man and I respect him which is something I struggled with a long time with men. I can’t imagine my life without him by my side everyday!

3. I can cook!
I had to laugh because Steve put this in his top items to be thankful for too. This one is thanks to my mother forcing me to help in the kitchen and I’m very thankful for it. So many people now can’t cook and I not only love to cook, but also am pretty good at it. What I come up with my kids and

my husband, enjoy eating. I make us healthy delicious food and buy local, natural ingredients and am proud of how well I take care of my kids. I made home made apple pie for my family Thanksgiving on Saturday. Today I used my leftovers from that dinner to make potato leek soup, african peanut soup, and turkey with rice
and veggies. These should feed my family for the week! And then I randomly decided to bake homemade cinnamon buns for everyone for breakfast on Monday since they are Steve’s favourite and he is so wonderful that I wanted to give him something special. So thank you to my mom and my oma who made sure that I know how to cook because it’s a skill that I can use every single day and my family has greatly benefited from it.

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