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Fitness coming back!

Lots of fitness related stuff to write about today.

First off, I weighted in this morning, and I am down 1.6lbs meaning I only have another 2.8lbs to lose all the weight I gained during the marathon taper. So that makes me feel awesome! Pretty cool to drop a third of the weight I wanted to drop in less than a week getting back into eating healthy!

Another thing I managed to accomplish this week was I got back to my fitness classes. I have a bunch that I want to try out and I was thrilled to find out that I went in on a special day that I got 9 classes for the price of 8, so my first one was free, and let me tell you I am in PAIN! Good pain, but I decided to make myself get up and go for a 10k run Friday morning after doing an hour fitness class. So my legs are very sore today, and are really going to hurt tomorrow!  Oh, and did I mention that it snowed (!!!) on my run today! It didn’t stick around, and it wasn’t serious flurries, but it did snow for about 5k of my 10k. Crazy!

While running today I came up with my fitness goals for the rest of this year, so here they are lovely readers!
Every week I want to do three things:
1/ Go to fitness class at least once a week.
2/ Run at least 20km spread out in 2-4 runs.
3/ Get back and stay in the 140’s.

So now I’m happy to have a goal to keep me going until January, when we plan to start trying for a third baby. I want to keep training on getting faster and maintain my half-marathon distance. I figure that since we have no idea how long it’ll take us to get pregnant again (or if we will) I don’t want to put my runs and racing on hold.

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