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Not Fooling Myself.

I’ve said before that losing weight is a very hard job, that takes a lot of work and often we think we are working harder than we are. For years I fooled myself into thinking I was working SOOO hard and was then confused why I couldn’t take off any weight. I would eat great one day and that would earn my a reward. Or I would work out but hardly more than a walk on the treadmill and always the same workout. Or the same food, and usually low calorie processed, fake food.

When I finally managed to lose the weight I did it by eating healthy, homemade food, and getting a lot of activity. I have worked out to the point of loving it and feeling squirrly when I don’t get to work out. I have worked crazy hard and am down to about 150lbs after my marathon training. My goal is to be back at 148 when I see the doctor in December to get baby ready for next year. Then I plan to work hard to keep myself there until

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