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My big girl is STILL sick! Her and I came down with it on the weekend. I missed Monday/Tuesday at work, she missed 3 days of daycare this week and my girlfriend is coming over to babysit her tomorrow. Honestly this is INSANE! On top of that Steve and Katrina were sick 4 days last week. CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY! I am feeling normal again, but not well enough to run. My Wednesday 5k planned run became 2k because I was sweating like I had run a half-marathon. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

I am so thankful for my girlfriend that she can come to watch her for me. Lillian loves her and will be fine with her. Mainly she is getting a fever in the afternoon so with her visiting the potty a lot tonight our daycare requires her to stay home tomorrow, and my friend is doing us a huge favour to help us out! I’m thanking her with cold hard cash! This is why I have a baby fund in my bank account! I keep extra money set aside for things the girls need that we couldn’t or didn’t budget for in any given month. Thank goodness we are savers because it comes in handy big time for moments like this.

So today I am thankful for wonderful friends who can step in at a moment to help us, and even more thankful that I can show my appreciation to them in so many ways!

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